Summer Fruit Refreshing with Pouilly Wine Jelly

Recipe by Dominique Fonseca, Le Coq Hardi, Pouilly/Loire.
To be enjoyed with a bottle of Pouilly Fumé Gemme de Feu.

Serves 5

25 cl Pouilly-sur-Loire wine

100 g sugar

1 apple

1 orange

400 g strawberries

2 gelatin sheets

5 scoops of sorbet, flavour of your choosing

Dip the gelatin sheets into cold water.
Heat the Pouilly wine with sugar in a pan. Be careful it does not boil.
Strain the jelly and whisk together with the hot Pouilly-sur-Loire wine mixture until it becomes syrupy. Cover the mixture with seran wrap and chill for several hours until it sets (best to prepare this the evening before).
Cut the fruits into small cubes.

Serve the fruit cubes in lovely big stemmed glasses and top them with the Pouilly wine jelly. Add a scoop of sorbet, half a strawberry, a fresh mint leaf, topping with a "Croquant du Val de Loire" or "Cigarette dentelle" biscuit.

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