Orange and Strawberry Floating Island

Recipe by Dominique Fonseca, Le Coq Hardi, Pouilly/Loire.
To be enjoyed with a bottle of Pouilly Fumé Gemme Océane.

Serves 5

150 g egg whites

100 g sugar

2 oranges

400 g strawberries

5 scoops strawberry sorbet

1 handful of fresh mint

1 big meringue, chunked

Beat egg whites. As soon as they are frothy, start beating in half the sugar, continue beating then pour remaining sugar and increase speed so that egg whites form soft peaks. Mould whites into a cup and steam for 3 minutes, then allow to cool and unmould.
Using a knife, peel off the oranges (inner skin included) then dice. Leave 5 strawberries to the side for decoration. Dice half the remaining strawberries and blend the remaining half into juice.

To serve
On a lovely soup plate arrange the diced fruit.
Remove one scoop of egg white from the flat part and replace it with a scoop of strawberry sorbet, then top with fruit. Pour the strawberry juice and sprinkle with meringue, strawberry quarters, mint leaf and a little icing sugar.
Serve with a "croquant du Val de Loire" or a "cigarette dentelle" biscuit.

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